Safe use of Pesticides

Stay safe by following the 5 Golden rules when handling Crop Protection Products

Five Golden Rules Illustration
Caution Icon

Exercise caution
at all times

Always handle CPPs carefully, avoiding contamination of yourself and the environment.

Always clean up spills of CPPs immediately

Keep children, bystanders and animals away when handling CPPs.

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Read and understand the product label

Always read and understand the label before using CPPs. If unsure, seek the advice of local field experts.

When using CPPs, always comply with your local laws and regulations.

Always buy CPPs from reputable and
authorized dealers. Door-to-door sale of crop
protection products is prohibited.

CPPs must be in their original, undamaged,
container with clear legible label.

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Practice good personal hygiene

Always practice good personal hygiene when handling CPPs.

Do not eat, smoke, or drink when handling the products.

Always wash your hands after handling CPPs.

Always keep a thick plastic bag to transport contaminated clothing from the field.

Wash clothes used during pesticide application separately from everyday clothes.

Person in Protective gear icon

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Wear the PPE recommended by the label or applicable local requirements when handling CPPs. Products with different toxicity level require different PPE.

Wear protective gloves (e.g. nitrile and other nonabsorbent materials) whenever you handle CPPs.

Maintenance icon

Take care of and maintain application equipment.

Regularly maintain your spraying and drilling equipment.

Correctly calibtrate the sprayer to apply the recommened quanity of CPPs

Always repair leaks immediately