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Orondis Ultra


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Translaminar and acropetal activity, meaning that it moves across the leaf surface as well as upwards into new growth via the plant’s xylem, or water-conducting vessels. Both modes of action work in tandem to protect the plant – even while it is actively growing

ORONDIS™ Ultra is a step change fungicide for oomycete control in vegetables and specialty crops. Based on its unique high performing technology delivering powerful and flexible control, ORONDIS™ Ultra is pivotal in the disease management programme.

  • Systemic, translaminar movement in the plant to protect developing leaves. It provides effective long-lasting field performance 
  • Excellent preventive fungicidal activity, controlling all pathogen life cycle stages  
  • Best Rainfastness
  • Efficacy and crop safety at very low rates of AI per ha.

Cucurbits (Squash, melon, Watermelon, Zucchini, Patty pans, Cucumber)