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Our new varieties

Chibli F1


A determinate medium early maturing hybrid tomato variety for fresh market with good fruit setting and good fruit impression. The variety has very good plant vigor and very good plant cover and shows very minimal fruit disorders making it the perfect variety for sale and consumption. It has a nursery period of 3-4 weeks and matures 75 – 85 days after transplanting.. This variety promises a yield of 75 – 80 T/ha under good agricultural practices. The fruits are medium sized, blocky and round in shape and boast a shelf life of 10 days. The variety is strong against Bacterial leafspot (X. vesicatoria). A rate of 20,000 plants/ha is recommended.


Yellow Queen F1

A short day onion with uniform yellow coloured bulbs. The variety is suitable for the fresh or processing market. This variety has very good pungency which influences the flavor making it suitable for salads as well as soups. The variety is well compacted and with closed narrow necks and hence able to keep well for up to 6 months. The variety is suited to the open field and has a potential yield of 150 ton/ha. It produces globe shaped bulbs with a size of 3-6 cm diameter (based on spacing). The variety has a 90 day maturity period from transplanting. It also exhibits high bolting tolerance. recommended plant density is 750,000 – 1,000,000 plants/ha