We are Syngenta


In 2013 MRI Seed Zambia Ltd and MRI Agro Ltd (“MRI”), a leading developer, producer and distributor of white corn seed in Zambia was acquired by Syngenta. Since then we have been communicating under Syngenta branding while retaining the MRI logo on communications, but as of January 1st 2020, we have officially changed our corporate name to Syngenta Zambia Limited

The company had used the name, MRI Seed Zambia LTD, for more than fifteen (15) years, achieving company and product recognition in Zambia and surrounding countries. Customers, vendors, and partners will find no change in the quality of products or services offered, obtaining information on products or services, or conducting business with the new business identity. Along with the name change, Syngenta Zambia is now completely aligned with the Global Syngenta AG (headquartered in Basel Switzerland) brand identity, and all future business activity will be conducted under the Syngenta Zambia identity.

All of our teams have been involved in the process; from our finance team handling the legal entity name changes to our marketing team who have been hard at work communicating the change to customers, with radio advertisements to announce the change on major radio stations, and working tirelessly changing branding across the country to our new identity.

Brian Mhango, Seeds End to End Business Head and Marketing Head- Southern Africa had this to say, “The name change is as a result of rebranding effort designed to leverage the global Syngenta identity to underpin the transformation and growth of our business, moving the brand forward and helping our farmers achieve farm productivity in a sustainable manner with exciting Seed and crop protection solutions”

As Syngenta Zambia Limited we will continue to provide best-in-class agricultural solutions aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture and bringing plant potential to life. Our farmers and customers will reap the many benefits of the global Syngenta brand – which is the world’s largest crop chemical producer, and amongst the top global leaders in seed and biotechnology.